Castle Hill Guided Walk


This was a great success. If anyone would like to join a walk across Castle Hill one evening during the summer and maybe visit the old farm pictured above, please let Peter know.

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An Invitation from Dean Wood


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When we created the ‘Woodingdean News’ web site early in 2012 we tried to include details of as many local contacts, facilities and activities as we could with the aim of keeping those lists up to date. This proved to be an impossible task and the site drifted out of use. In the meantime others have been using Facebook, and now there is the site ‘Woodingdean in Business’. Jo who runs that site is a Woodingdean resident who is only too happy to help local groups publicise their activities and events (free of charge). If you are involved with a local group or would like to promote a local activity please get in touch with Jo.

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Open House Community Club

We have been meeting weekly since 1997.

Do you or anyone you know, ever feel
bored, lonely or at a loose end
on a Thursday afternoon?

Why not drop into the Community Centre between 1.30 and 4pm where we will always try and make people welcome. There is always the chance to play SHORT MAT BOWLS and TABLE TENNIS – don’t be afraid if you haven’t played for 20 years, we will encourage you to start again.

For the less active we have SCRABBLE, RUMMIKUB and other board games, and we are always open to new suggestions.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in other activities such as a discussion group especially for men, history, family histories, bridge, chess, getting to know more about your computer, or exploring the Downs on our doorstep, please encourage them to drop in, have a chat over tea or coffee,and let us know what they would like to do (not just on a Thursday afternoon). You might be surprised to find others who have similar interests who we can put you in touch with.

Peter has enjoyed exploring Castle Hill for over 40 years and is always happy to show others around (including evenings during the summer months).

We meet every Thursday afternoon at the Community Centre
in Warren Rd from 1.30 – 4pm

We know that there are many older people in the village – some of whom will have special interests. We would really like to encourage you to share your interests – whether indoors or out – and hopefully make new friends. If you have a particular skill you might like to share, or if there is something you would like to learn about, why not get in touch.

Please feel free to drop into the Community Centre one Thursday afternoon; get in touch by email; or speak to Peter or Barbara on 692987.

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Castle Hill Nature Reserve

There is a very interesting Nature Reserve almost on our doorstep.

At least five orchids can be found on the reserve including a large collection of the Early Spider Orchid – a European orchid that is only found in a few places in the South of England. This particular orchid is in flower now – and may be at its peak over the next few days. (They have now finished – but it looks as if there will be many more orchids during June).

The wild flowers are prolific at certain times of the year – well worth taking a wild flower book along to help identify some of them.

Later in the year it might be possible to see the wart biter cricket.

Click on the link to find out more. (What was English Nature is now Natural England).

There is also a new archaeological dig within the reserve of a farm house built in 1831 with interesting local connections.


If you are interested in exploring the reserve – or just walking across the Downs with others – why not get in touch. We could easily arrange an evening walk this time of year if anyone is would like to do this.

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