Get Active

We know that there is a lot going on in Woodingdean and we hope to encourage people of all ages to get active in some way.

We are creating a list of “Local Contacts” and “Amenities“.  We know that these lists are incomplete – please let us know of anything that is missing.  We have a separate list of “Activities” where we are trying to provide links in a meaningful way.

We know that people have special interests – perhaps you have an interest that you would like to be able to share with others, or it may be something you would like to know more about – let us know and we will include a link.

How well or otherwise are people who are disabled and/or housebound being catered for in the village?

Andrew for example is a keen chess player and would be interested in hearing from anyone who would like to play – whatever their level of expertise.

We have Castle Hill National Nature Reserve on our doorstep and Peter who is retired enjoys walking there and would be very happy to walk with others and share some of his knowledge of the area – anything from one to three hours.

You will for example, find entries for Chess, Walking and Castle Hill in the list of activities.

How many older people for example, would like to know more about what is going on in the local schools?  Would the schools like to share something of the projects that they might be involved with?

The older ladies have their clubs and groups – what about some of the men getting together – maybe just to chat or doing a bit of D I Y for each other?

Is anyone interested in Model Railways or Family Histories?

Maybe you need some encouragement to get physically active – see what Kim has to say about “Health and Well-being“.


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