Health and Well-being

As dark nights are looming protect yourself from the Winter Blues…

Summer is over and the prospect of a long cold winter is less than inviting.   The lack of light and bad weather is thought to cause low moods, low energy, lethargy, over-eating and even depression in some individuals.  Combined with seasonal colds and flu, Autumn and Winter can be a tough time for many.

But we have a choice… We can sit and wait for Summer 2012 and wish the Winter away!   Or we can fight back, embrace each day and enjoy life!

Here are my top 5 tips for a happy, healthy Winter!

Top tip number  1 – Stay Active

When you are feeling tired, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is exercise.  Yet exercise could be the one thing that will make you feel better.  Apart from energising you and making you feel fitter and healthier, exercise is fantastic for your mental health.  It releases endorphins which boost your mood and can help reduce stress and improve symptoms of depression.

Top tip number 2 – Eat Well

Boost your immune system by eating a healthy balanced diet.  Try to eat AT LEAST 5 portions of fruit and vegetable a day, with as much variety as possible.  Avoid foods high in saturated fat and sugar.  As well as being bad for your health these foods can leave you feeling lethargic. Dehydration can cause fatigue so drink plenty of water throughout the day.  And try not to drink more than the recommended allowance of alcohol per day (3-4 units for men & 2-3 units for women).

Top tip number 3 – Get Outside

Wrap up warm, brave the elements and enjoy the Great Outdoors.  Woodingdean and the surrounding areas have a wealth of beautiful surroundings.  The Downs, the sea, the woods and many parks.  Being outside increases oxygenation helping the mind to function with more clarity.  It is also a fantastic way to de-stress and unwind.

Top tip number 4 – Stay Sociable

OK, you may feel like hibernating but getting out and seeing friends is the perfect way to boost your mood and stay connected.  Make a pact to enjoy all the Winter events from Bonfire night to Christmas parties! Start a new hobby or course and do something fun at least every week!

Top tip number 5 – Cosy nights in

As the rain beats against your window relish the feeling of being warm and cosy in your house.  Wrap yourself up in a blanket, spread out on the sofa and read a new book or watch a movie!  After a full and active week, nothing beats a cosy night in!

As a fitness professional, I am keen to promote health and well-being. I believe exercise should be fun and accessible to the whole community. For more advice on a healthier lifestyle check out my website or


1 Response to Health and Well-being

  1. Clare Hopkins says:

    Hi Kim. This is great stuff, thanks for sharing all the healthy tips- I know I need reminding!! See you soon , Clare Hopkins

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