When we created the ‘Woodingdean News’ web site early in 2012 we tried to include details of as many local contacts, facilities and activities as we could with the aim of keeping those lists up to date. This proved to be an impossible task and the site drifted out of use. In the meantime others have been using Facebook, and now there is the site ‘Woodingdean in Business’. Jo who runs that site is a Woodingdean resident who is only too happy to help local groups publicise their activities and events (free of charge). If you are involved with a local group or would like to promote a local activity please get in touch with Jo.

As the originator of the site I have a particular interest in encouraging older people to get together. We started Open House in 1997 and we have been meeting weekly ever since. We would welcome any new members.

We know that there are many older people in the village – some of whom will have special interests. We would really like to encourage you to share your interests – whether indoors or out – and hopefully make new friends. Maybe some of you (especially some of the men) might be interested in discussion groups. If you have a particular skill you might like to share, or if there is something you would like to learn about, why not get in touch. Maybe you would like to share thoughts about genealogy or talk with others about using your computer.

Please feel free to drop into the Community Centre one Thursday afternoon; get in touch by email; or speak to Peter or Barbara on 692987.

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